Robogals is a student-run organisation that aims to engage schoolgirls in engineering topics from a young age, with the long-term goal of increasing female enrollment in engineering, science and technology courses at universities.

Our primary activity is having university student volunteers (both female and male) run LEGO robotics workshops at the university for all-female school groups, and also at public events in local libraries and museums. The university students are provided with the necessary training to teach LEGO robotics, and an important goal of the organization is not only to have a positive impact on the schools, but also to provide a rewarding experience for the dedicated students who volunteer their time and skills to the organization.

We also run a range of other activities around this central theme. Past events have included a robotics competition (2008) and a mass robot dance that attracted significant media coverage (2009), and the Deer Shed Festival (2013 and 2014). Meanwhile we are always looking for new ways to expand our reach!

Robogals was founded by undergraduate engineering student Marita Cheng at the University of Melbourne, and as of 2014 has over 20 chapters worldwide.

We hope you enjoy our website and find the information here useful!